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Our industry leading experts have also been heavily involved in achieving corporate compliance along with workforce safety and wellbeing with regards to Work Related Road Safety.

In particular, our Director of Research and Customer Experience, Dr Jim Golby PhD FCIPD, is a previous winner of the prestigious CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) MRR Research Prize. As the only researcher from outside an academic institution, he was recognised for his extensive work in the area of psychometric and biometric profiling. This included the successful three-year research study entitled: An Investigation of the Predictive Validity of Actual Sales Performance achieved using Psychometric and Biometric Recruitment Profiling Tools, which he also gained a PhD for from the University of Aston in Birmingham.
Jim is a former Brake Fleet Manager of the Year in a previous role when he was responsible for legal compliance, corporate safety and well-being of the employees that drove on behalf of the business. With extensive experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, he is also the current Secretary of EMIG’s (Ethical Medicines Industry Group) HR Special Interest Group and a judge for the Pharma Times Awards. Our team is currently working closely with Brake, the UK's leading Road Safety Charity, to undertake a highly innovative study called Driver Safe 2015. The research will look to explore the potential of behavioural profiling to predict a driver’s inherent levels of risk before they ever get behind the wheel of a vehicle.
By combining this with in-depth driver benchmarking, we hope to both significantly improve our ability to identify high-risk drivers who are more likely to be in a road accident, as well as consequently enhance the driver recruitment process.