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Behavioural Styles Analysis

Scientific research has shown that while people share many similarities, everyone differs to varying degrees in terms of behaviours, attitudes and responses to pressured and challenging environments.

DISC is a universal language of observable human behaviour, which stands for the four basic behavioural styles – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientious. Using a proven Behavioural Analysis System, Applied Business Synergy can provide a highly accurate and practical evaluation and reporting solutions that outline very powerful intelligence on behavioural styles, relationships and communication and how they affect:- Personal job performance - Motivation and management - Productivity and goal achievement - Teamwork and collaboration - Effective leadership.

Applied Business Synergy can assist your organisation in better understanding the behavioural aspects of its workforce and how best to manage attitudinal and behavioural change. Using our style analysis report, you can not only define team dynamics, but also guide individuals to take advantage of behavioural knowledge for increased collaborative success.

Meanwhile, a valuable side benefit of assessing behavioural performance is the automatic collection of a "talent database" for use in the future as an organisation's jobs evolve. This can help ensure employees are best utilised in roles that match their particular talents, which is shown to gain superior workforce performance and added loyalty.