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Lone Working

An increasing number of employees are now working alone, away from their employer’s site or office, without close or direct supervision. Under the HSE classification, a wide range of job functions are now defined as lone worker including Sales Reps, Estate Agents, Maintenance and Repair Engineers, Security Guards, Domiciliary Care Workers and Nursing Staff. Whether an employee is home-based and work remotely or spend the majority of their working time either visiting or working at customer sites, their role will typically require an element of driving or business travel.

Under current legislation, an employer is required to carefully assess and mitigate all risks to lone workers such as;

  • Security when travelling to and visiting commercial or domestic premises
  • Safety when driving on business; Manual handling of equipment
  • Safety at the site or workplace where they are visiting or working


The legal requirements;

Both Health and Safety related laws and regulations* and HSE Guidance clearly state that employers are required provide all employees with safe systems of work. Therefore, employers have a Duty of Care responsibility to carefully and regularly assess the risks faced by any lone workers and then take steps to avoid, control and minimise them where necessary.

Failure to comply with these legal requirements could not only result in substantial fines for a company but also serious penalties for Directors and Managers, if they are found to have been negligent. In the case of a fatality, charges of Corporate Manslaughter may be instigated.

Note: *The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

The Solution

Applied Business Synergy have developed an intuitive Risk Assessment to determine the indivdual risk faced by employees, this simple to follow assessment which takes no longer than 10 minutes to complete, will allow any business to have a full understanding of the risks faced by thier remote employees along with strategies, policices, guidance and training to mitigate any identified risks. 

Applied Business Synergy are able to provide the following training solutions to ensure both Safety & Compliance, Manual Handling, Personal Lone Worker Security, DSE, Falls Prevention, Food Safety, Fire Safety and Slips & Trips Prevention. In addition to these E-learning course we also have a selection of Classroom Workshops which we can deliver on a natinwide basis via our carefully selected partners.