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Business driving is currently the foremost occupational hazard and over 30 per cent of road deaths are attributed to work-related activity each year. With driving being one of the most dangerous activities an employer will ever ask an employee to undertake, a new research study is set to explore if behavioural profiling can be utilised to identify and predict who is a higher risk individual when driving.

Driver Safe 2015 is an innovative scientific research study that commenced in 2014, which aims to address the limitations associated with current driver risk assessment systems. This study is being supported by Applied Business Synergy, and will seek to investigate the possibility of accurately predicting a driver’s inherent risk status using a behavioural profiling approach incorporating psychometric, emotional intelligence and motivator profiling techniques, already well proven in other settings. If the study is successful, it will demonstrate that there is indeed a relationship between an individual’s specific behavioural profile, their personality characteristics and their overall attitude to driving and their actual observed behaviour behind the wheel of a vehicle. If behavioural profiling is then shown to be a strong predictor of driver behaviour and an individual’s inherent risk status, then this could be a highly beneficial finding.

The ability to identify inherently higher risk drivers would be advantageous both to enhance recruitment by helping to actively select lower risk candidates, and to facilitate the implementation of pro-active targeted, preventative interventions with current drivers by mitigating their risk before they ever become involved in a vehicle-related incident.

In addition, the same behavioural profiles can be beneficially used to further enhance the recruitment process by assisting in the identification of more culturally-aligned candidates, who will be easier to manage with an enhanced level of job and team fit. Ultimately, we hope that the research will lead to the development of a ground-breaking behavioural diagnostic test and reporting system, providing a scientifically-validated driver risk tool that can provide significant benefits in the areas of both driver recruitment, accident reduction, road safety, fleet management and insurance.

In fact, early indications have already shown that it is indeed possible to effectively benchmark the best and worst drivers to help define an ideal driver profile (within a specific driving setting) allowing this approach to therefore consequentially be used to enhance and streamline driver recruitment. This study, is expected to involve more than 20,000 drivers from leading health-and safety-focused, UK-based organisations such as Allianz, Ocado, Amey, Capita, URS (Ocado and Amey are amongst a number of businesses who have already participated in pre-launch driver benchmarking activities).

This research will aim to encompass a diverse range of car, van and commercial vehicle drivers from a wide range of different sized businesses and industry sectors. For more information on this research project or details of how your organisation can participate, please contact Dr Jim Golby PhD FCIPD, Director of Research and Customer Experience directly on or 07768 776128.